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Nenad Kralj

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[About Me] Little bit more

This is me - bare with me i'll be brief!


I'm analytical and statistical data analyst with passion in numbers. I've would say for myself that I have a extensive work experience in mentioned work field above - I'm working at mentioned work position in current company (which one is it - we will leave it for later).

Question to myself

To get to that position it was not easy or hard (I would say in same time) but here I'm - on a crossroads. You maybe ask yourself why I say "crossroads" because there comes a time when I will set a question to myself  (common courtesy of person like me) when you start ask yourself it is worth it?

What is my worth

So - what is it? There comes a time when after all dedication, love, passion, and joy you would estimate that somebody would see how much you care, love - dedicate to the line of work which is given to you. But that can't be true in my case. You would estimate that after decade plus work experience that someone would see the "fruits" which you help to produce and that you will be awarded in some way for your labor - that someone will give you an opportunity to improve, progress, move up etc. in the line of work - build path to go to next level - you would think that - no? Yes; you would - but that isn't my case.

So here I am - stuck in limbo state blocked by paper bureaucracy - yes that's right "paper bureaucracy". You see I have High School (diploma).

I've finish only high school and having a economist level (diploma) - why I have only high school i will just say "tough life" - somebody couldn't afford college or menage enough time in between to finish it so - "tough life" fill be good enough explanation.

Paper over scissors

I've always believed that in this world still exist people who will appreciate - ingenuity, wisdom, cleverness, skills, experience overall and practice; over piece of paper which (nowadays practically defining my - not so good future) - as it turns out my believing on beginning of this paragraph was wrong in 90% - do not forget that we here dealing with "paper bureaucracy" and basic human behavior. 

Like I said I'm stuck - stopped dead in tracks - it's hard for a working person (worker) when he become "blocked" in approving in hierarchy of work line or appreciated by employee all because a paper become stronger then scissors - like in my case.

Regardless of the skills

In a decade I've collected a numerus skills and attended courses for which I've thinked that will be appreciated, that will become useful in my field of work - that will help to improve (me) my work - and in some view thy are - but not in way in which I hoped / intended - some of them are

  • Management consulting, Business Analytics and Statistical analyzes 
  • Financial forecasting, Accounting, Cost predictions, Taxing.
  • IT network assurance, Network security, network - client support. 
  • Microsoft Systems Administrator, Google Apps Administrator w/G Suite, etc.

Closing words and hope

On end - i'm still in believe that regardless of my paper (diploma) which for now still defining my future at current company for which I currently work - that there out still exist understanding, humanity, and essentially someone who is interested using my collected knowledge / skills - someone who appreciate my work - my time (given) into it - my passion - my love to improve things. Someone who is able to see "bigger picture" like I'm capable to see it in all this above?

Are that someone - is you?

If that someone is you - feel free to contact me
- I will be more than good with get in touch / sending my resume to you.
- I think that is time for a change (better one) so give me a chance

Thank you!