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Aug 27, 2017

Real Estate Photography

Do you have property for rent or a sale?

If you found your self in this situation that you thinking about this question above. Then I can also assume that you also want that your property hes good appeal on a today's real estate market. Why? Because then you also know that 1st appeal is also almost important as final signature which classes an contract (no mater for what he is).

1st appeal

We all know (as I already mentioned above) that 1st appeal is equally important as closing a contract! The 1st human seance is sight (eyes we look our surroundings whit them). When we look something we are immediately attracted to that something or rejected from something - nothing else isn't matter in that split second of our judgment.
That judgment seance also include appeal of our pictures which we share whit some community / network / company to promote our property which we decide to sale or rent (in this case).

Promote your property

To have better chances to complete what you conceive in today's market and maximize time for given effort with your goal to rent or sale property in shortest amount of time I've advice you to think about taking professional service which can provide you with professional looking pictures (stills) and aerial shots (video material) of your property.

Professional service

This text bove is made to put you as potential seller or landlord in state of mind in which you can see some benefits of professional service which I can deliver to you.

Benefits of professional service

If you decide to take professional service of taking pictures (stills) or aerial shots (video material) of property which you decide to rent or sell by choosing my service

You will get:

  • pictures (stills)
  • aerial shots (pictures)
  • aerial shots (video material)
*List of 3 above "include inside and outside of a chosen property"
  • shareable link's 
  • permanent place on cloud (of your property), etc.
*List of 2 above "gives you ability to promote your property on any given cloud platform and any given time by sharing a link whit rest of the internet population", etc.

To add on *Lists above; all the material will be delivered to you as a costumer of service which I provide as professional edited whit realism in electronic way.

Service cost

If you decide to take this kind professional service. Service cost is determent after we get in contact. If you wan't to know more about given subject or get my expertise on it; send me message trough given contact form (below) so we can set up consulting appointment.

I try to keep it real. I don't have time to worry about others (what they think about me) I live by the code. I'm just busy using the Time because "Time is money" and according to that it is priceless. It doesn’t ask - it just fly's, (so) make it count.

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