31. lis 2015.

Review: LogiLink id0032 Bluetooth 3.0 laser mouse

"What you pay that you will get" - But don't be confuse that doesn't mean that is always the rule, but in this case it is!?
ReviI've created small review of "LogiLink id0032 Bluetooth 3.0 laser mouse" as a general mouse is nicely designed, and feel good in hand. But has one fault (for me it doesn't work) because he has a "sleep mode" for saving battery charge he's welling to go in a sleep mode and it's hard to wake it up again. I must click on it at lest a 10x to wake it up again. So for my need's that doesn't cut. The mouse is relatively cheep $16 so some time it really is!

The review is down bellow

14. lis 2015.

Replacement parts for PC! Review for Impact computers

Recently my PC was has a technical fail. It’s turned out that was a problem with processor. I head on it installed part ID 594645-001 - (HP part ID), Intel Dual-Core i5-520M processor - 2.4GHz. I didn’t been able to replace that part myself so I carry notebook to HP service. Thy said that now processor will cost approx. $1.200 (what was too expensive) so I said that I will find needed part myself. And I did! I found part at Impact computers - the company sells parts for all kind of IT computers and machines. When I spoke to hem thy said that thy had exact part for $79,00 so I ordered that and to that order I additionally added RAM memory  upgrade from 4GB to 8GB (delivery was expedite). Because I live in Croatia cost of delivery was little bit too much but in other hand it was way down from cost which was asked at HP service.  The ordered parts was in 3 days at my doorstep (yes, I needed to pay customs fee –but okay). Finally I was able to carry the parts to HP service thy insert a new part (except RAM memory) and PC worked fine and still works. RAM memory won’t work not because that part isn’t okay but because my notebook is some kind of special breed (he doesn’t like any other manufacturer except a specific one - so I’m still in look out for that “right” RAM memory upgrade.

This is article is same kind of a review for Impact computers and things that if you put an effort you can turn around to your benefit. So if you need a specific computer part for witch the service company want charge a lot of  money I recommend that you search it for it by yourself it may cost you but will cost you lot less . Oh, yes always ask for true part number - that is most important from all this (so you can be certain that you will get a just that one part which you need).

4. lis 2015.

Personal style website

New style website is launched as you can see!
Now style is taken as free template from Blogger Templates and modified for us.  This kind of templates are perfect as site which will represent you as individual or your's small business. It is generally your resume on witch co can easily upload all your experience or project. We took a free template and easily modified to our needs and just uploaded it to blogger in row html code. So if you see that some thing like this would benefit you to you can do it to fairly easy.
The website which is launched is my portfolio and all additional news about Me and E-Ovo.com will be posted thro social media like G+ or YouTUBE Channel of or company E-Ovo.com all necessary links are on the site. Text on website is still unfinished so (bare that in mind) thank you on understanding and support. Keep tracing me and E-Ovo.com